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Gutter Cleaning
Having your gutters cleaned and maintained is crucial especially during the storm season, in fact all year round. Over time many gutters fill up with debris from trees, leaves etc. This debris blocks water from escaping the gutters and has no where to go which can sit in the gutter and corroded causing rust holes over time. When the water can't escape it builds up, flows in the ceiling cavity, which can sit on top of the ceilings and run down the internal and exterior walls. This water can cause expensive damage to wall linings, floor coverings, electrical components and your personal items.

We recommend to have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year, even more often if you are surrounded by a number of trees, bush land ect. We can provide a fixed obligation free quote to clean your gutters and supply before and after photos to show you the high standard of workmanship. We understand that all projects are different and our highly qualified staff are able to work out of hour for those high traffic areas such as Schools, offices, shops and common areas. Our staff take safety very seriously and always adhere to the WPHS policy and procedures. Including using a harness or a fall arrest system. What makes us stand out over our competitors is that we will give you a fixed price, commence and complete upon the agreed timelines, and once we have finished we will remove the debris from site and dispose of it and recycle when possible. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff if you require any additional information and to arrange as suitable time to measure up and to discuss any queries.